EuroCommerce – Retailers’ waste management practices show the way to environmental sustainability

EuroCommerce, Brussels, 3rd June 2015

As a contribution to the discussion on circular economy, EuroCommerce, together with the European Retail Round Table, has released a report showing how retailers are reducing waste in their operations.

Three years ago, 26 members committed to the Retail Waste Agreement which called on companies to carry out at least two awareness-raising initiatives on waste reduction by the end of June 2014.

The report (click here) sets out a large number of case studies, including initiatives taken by retailers across Europe, aimed at highlighting what they are doing, and alerting consumers to simple ways of avoiding throwing away food.

EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren, commented:

“The retail sector has shown a real commitment to reducing waste, even during what have been difficult economic times. Our members’ efforts have been very creative in raising awareness among their customers, their employees, and their suppliers, of the importance of reducing waste, and how all of us as individual consumers can help keep waste to a minimum in our own homes.”

The initiatives, launched by retailers across Europe, included a consumer awareness-raising campaign, an initiative on commercial and responsible operation, and a framework for food surplus donation.

This report will, we hope, be useful in informing the forthcoming discussions on the Commission’s circular economy strategy, which will be launched in late 2015 and will focus on addressing a range of issues including waste.